About Me

I am Heather, a follower of Christ, a wife to my best friend, and a mother to five (currently) little people.  We are native Californians, lived in Wisconsin for five years, and now reside in the beautiful Charlotte, NC area.

Ryan and I met while in college, became friends while working at a Christian summer camp, and fell in love at Newport Beach.  An average week will find us working on our house together, watching football (yes, I like football), cooking together (yes, he is good in the kitchen), playing board or card games, riding bikes, and talking (lots). We are both tall, competitive, good at math, enjoy playing sports, and like country music.

I enjoy: my family, books, chocolate, the warm sun, sewing, organization, sleep, flip-flops, making (and eating) bread, the ocean, Pizookie's (look it up), interior decorating, home improvement, watching NFL, dabbling in gardening,  variety in life, exercise (just don't make me pick one kind), drawing floor plans, ice cream, the color blue, playing volleyball, making up new recipes, boots, activity (I am an antsy person), cleanliness, Trader Joe's....and much more

We have always home schooled our children and I have grown to be committed to and enjoy that way of life.  I employ primarily a Charlotte Mason philosophy in teaching our children.  This means we use literature to teach most subjects.  However, textbooks make an appearance to teach math, handwriting, and basic language skills.

I hope this blog is a blessing and encouragement to your day!

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