October 11, 2010

The Sunday School Report

Last night at dinner Ryan and I were asking Z what he learned in Sunday School that morning:

Heather: Z, what did you learn today in your class?
Z: I don't remember his name
Ryan: OK, what did he do?
Z: He was the beer taster
Ryan: Yes, what else?
Z: He told the king he was going to go fix a wall
Heather: Then what?
Z: Well, he had to walk somewhere that would take us a whole year if we walked.  But he walked a whole year and never slept!
Ryan: I'm pretty sure he slept
Z: No, he walked the whole way and never slept and he took a flashlight, two letters, and an ax in his backpack. And he had a little army to keep him safe.  The king gave him all of that stuff. He was the beer taster for the king.
Ryan: I don't think he had a flashlight
Z: Oh, yes he did.  I saw it!
Ryan: So, the guy in your class had a flashlight, but I don't think the person in the Bible had a flashlight with him.
Z: Why?
Ryan: They didn't have batteries back then
Z: Oh (rather perplexed)
Heather: OK, so then what?
Z: Then he got there and slept three whole days because he hadn't slept for a whole year.  Then he walked around the wall to look at it.  Then he went and told the people that were in charge of the city about his walk around.
Ryan: Ya, and then what?
Z: I don't remember.  Next week we are going to study a lot more about the story.  But he was the beer taster.  He had to make sure there wasn't any poison in there.
Heather: So, do you remember his name now?
Z: No
Heather: It starts with a N
Z: Nebuchadnezzar!!! (Seeing my look)  Oh ya..Nehemiah!!!

Pheww...We made it. 
Apparently he has been in Wisconsin long enough for the fascination with beer to rub off on him!


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Too funny! The beer taster thing really intrigued him, I can tell!

Today we were talking about Benjamin Franklin, and one thing that stuck out to H was that his friends drank 6 beers a day and he only drank water and was healthier (and I pointed out that water was free, unlike beer, so he also saved money)!

I don't get the comment about "obviously we are in WI" though...

Diana said...

Ha! Ha! Too funny! Put a smile on my face. It is always interesting how kids put into their own words the things that they learn or hear. It happens with stories and words in songs, or memory verses. One common one is the Lord's Prayer - "hallowed" most of the time comes out as something different. :-)

Question:did the teacher use the word "beer" or what...?

As he grows up... His story of Nehemiah will too ... [hopefully!]