December 12, 2010

When it all goes silent and still

Three days ago it was cold, brown, and kind of blah outside.  That was then.  This is now.

Ryan shoveled twice before midnight.  He, Zac, and myself shoveled for three more hours today!

We received over a foot of snow between 6pm last night and 7am today.  Our power went out at 4am and was restored around noon.  The trees tell the story.

It was a cozy morning by the fire. We played some games and enjoyed cold 'toast'. And the kids were fascinated by the scenery out the window.

A snow storm brings a neighborhood together.  Everyone was out this morning simply digging out.  It is quite something to look down a smooth, serene, and completely white, winter wonderland only to see every driveway dotted with someone working hard.  Then everyone reappeared around two this afternoon after the plow went by as we all then had five foot berms on our driveways.  One neighbor, whose car was stuck, was shoveled out by Ryan and three other guys.  Another neighbor's snow blower's belt broke and was helped out by a guy two doors down.  Yet another neighbor offered to snowblow our driveway for us after the plow went by, which an aching Ryan and I readily accepted.

After the 'work' was done we sculpted our work and everyone had lots of fun! We may not have made it to church, our Christmas party may be cancelled, but it was a blast of a day! 

Yup, that's our front yard! The hill is about six feet tall and alows for about a fifteen or so foot slide.
J made a seat for herself. It was naptime after a long afternoon of sledding.

Now Ryan and I are off to find our imaginary hot tub! And add a snow blower to Ryan's Christmas list.

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Diana said...

Wow, what a change from brown and cold to WHITE and cold! Brrr... And a foot in 12 hours! Love the pictures. I think I figured out who everybody was in the fireplace scene. :-) The picture of J in the window is cute.

So good to hear that your neighbors help each other. Enjoying God's creation is worship of him too. I think you had a creative and fun "church" this day, with memories being made! Is that J,Z and T at the top of the of the"hill" and Z sailing down it? J looks so cold but very creative of her making a seat for her self!