January 31, 2011

We are normal again...or at least we think so

Since July of last year our family lived a second shift life.  The last time Ryan worked an unusual schedule was the first three months we were married.  It was interesting.  At the time.  Now we have kids.  Five of them.  Young kids.  Who wake up in the morning by eight, no matter what.  Are you tired yet?  We were.  All of the time.

But Ryan and I tackled our new schedule head on.  We tried to focus on the benefits.  We went to bed after midnight most days.  I would stay up until he came home so that we would have 'our time' to talk (this wasn't too hard for me-I am a natural night owl). We also enjoyed Ryan taking some mornings to teach the kids science. 

All in all, though, the schedule always felt awkward.  It pushed against our natural inclinations.  But a week ago Ryan was moved to first shift.  It was abrupt and much appreciated. 

Now we feel like we are a part of society again.  We can attend evening activities.  Dinners are a family meal, once again.  We could even have company over!  And everyone is thrilled to have Dad around for bedtimes.

It is astounding how much a schedule effects a family. 

I was excited last Monday to refine our new schedule.  However, the entire family spent last week blowing their noses.  So, I begin anew today.  It isn't smooth sailing yet, mostly because Mom hasn't figured out how to be a morning bird! Oh, and if S wanted to sleep through the night, that might help, too.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

I hear ya on the sleeping through the night! J doesn't, either, and it would make mornings so much more do-able! Glad to hear Ryan is on a daily schedule now--it seems like it would make many things easier!

Diana said...

Congratulation, welcome back to the some what normal world. :-) Hope everybody is well now.