June 23, 2011

I draw naked people

Z worked very hard to draw a picture of himself and Ryan playing outside yesterday afternoon.  At dinner he spontaneously began a commentary on his masterpiece.

Z: Mom, I drew dad kind of fat.
Mom: Why is that?
Z: Because I drew him with clothes on.  I usually don't draw people with clothes on.  I usually draw them naked.
Mom: (Trying to keep a somewhat composed face here, with very raised eyebrows) Oh really, why is that?
Z: Because it is too hard to draw all the clothes on right. That's why he ended up so big.
Mom: Oh, I see...

Then T chimes in loudly,
"I only draw naked people too!"
Here entered much laughter!

And you thought your dinner conversations were a bit odd at times???

1 comment:

Diana said...


Oh the joys of a young family!!!

Heather, I look every morning (and some times through the day) to see if you have posted something. Later this morning Rob ask if I had read your blog.

I still can not stop LOL!!!

May your day be full of laughter!