July 28, 2011

How our Garden Grows

We have had loads of HOT weather.  As a result, we have harvested all of the main heads of our broccoli and eaten them.  We have more lettuce than the local grocery store... almost. 

We had to do something to reign in our completely out-of-control cherry tomato plants.  So the cages went from the cucumber plants in the buckets to the cherry tomatoes.  Hopefully, we will now have happier tomatoes, and possibly a few surviving salsa peppers and onions.  And the cucumbers will have to trail to the ground.

Our watermelon, corn, and tomato plants are loving the heat!  The corn is at least waist high.  Blossoms on the snap pea and cucumber plants have turned to baby veggies.

Now for the visuals.

 I am excited to find all the carrots under those fuzzy tops!

There were a few corn seeds that didn't take right on this one edge so we put in a climbing cucumber plant and made him grow out to the side so as not to crowd out the corn.

The snap peas in both planters are climbing up the string and bamboo poles.

Check out the humongous cherry tomato plants towering over everything and the very courageous onions and salsa peppers peeking out  from underneath!

Here's to future salsa making!

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Diana said...

Wow! Things are really growing! I remember Rob saying that when his dad would plant the garden he (Merle) would say about the corn - knee high by the 4th of July! That meant that the corn was growing good if that was true.

I'm sure you know that plants like peas, green beans and maybe some others like to have pods picked so that more flowers will grow. If you don't pick the pods, the plant will "go to seed" and stop producing. Picking the pods when they are grown will make the plant produce more flowers and more pods if everything else is right.