August 09, 2011

Z's haven and a place for creativity

Today I will show you our 'extra, tiny room'.  Yesterday was the actual school room post. If you missed it, just click here.

When our little S finally figured out how to sleep through the night she was moved from this downstairs room to the upstairs girl room.  First off, I had to do a paint job.  It had previously been a very 'cabinish' themed room with moose, deer, bears, and such painted all over.  Can't you just smell the pines already?

I couldn't. 

So, I decided to give chalkboard paint a try along with extra paint from our bathroom remodel.  First we made this room a sort of guest room but the queen bed took over the 9X8 size of this room.  It was great for while my grandparents visited, but we don't often have overnight visitors.  So, back down to the basement we took the bed.

Now, with a relatively open space, I thought about our family and what would make the most sense for us. 

First priority was to give Z some private schoolwork space.  The table in our school room did not work well for him.  He is simply too distractable and there is a lot of opportunity for distraction in the center of our busy home.  So we found him a small, used desk.  He likes having his own space a lot.

However, there was a bit more space in the room.  So, we took the easel out of our school room as it was in a cramped corner and added in some craft and book storage. 

The cabinet on the right has four bowls of chalk, dry erase markers, and paint brushes for everyone to quickly grab as they wish to create. The paints are kept up higher in this room's closet to avoid some serious S mischief.  The bookshelf on the left holds Z's reading and history books for next year, a children's dictionary, along with some Boxcar Series books (which are very popular in our home).  I also keep some extra blankets and pillows in this room as it is where T and J rest. 

We thank God for bringing us this home at the perfect time and hope you enjoyed the glimpses inside.

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Diana said...

You have done a good job of creating "space" for your children's schooling/learning. Good job!