November 14, 2011

All in a Week's Time...

Some of our most memorable moments from the last week:

Double fisted talking!
Apparently either Mom is on the phone a lot or this youngest child has a lot of conversations that need to be had!  You can bet it is the second!

Just no one tell her those are business calculators (which had a very important role in the dating life of her parents and a much less significant role in the passing of our corporate finance class)!

We can check this one off the 'did your child ever do that' list
Our experimental four year-old decided to discover 'what would happen' if she put popped popcorn up her nose....

fortunately she wasn't very fond of the feeling...and we were able to help her blow it out!

The popular fellow!
T and J recently visited an assisted living facility with their homeschool co-op group and their teacher referred to the residence as an 'old folks home'. 

One night, this week, after a dinner in which we had all been talking about the outing,
Z (who has never been to such a place) asked T, "what was the place called where you gave those cards out to all those girls?"

Without waiting for a response he asked again, "wasn't it called the old fellow's home?"

Oh dear...I don't know if we ever got that one straightened out.  I wish I could see the mental picture he has of this place...

The Naked Warrior

M has taken to a new habit.

One evening I was changing him for bed.  As I took off the day's clothes and began to remove his diaper (fortunately only wet), before I even knew what was happening, he immediately slithered quickly away, giggled, and took off running at top speed around the house completely naked! 

As he ran he raised his right arm straight up high and began yelling HIIIII-YAWWWW.... down the hallway, through the kitchen, through the school room, and back to where I was sitting, hysterically dumbfounded....

Now, it seems, that if I am at all mellow about the changing process this whole scene will repeat itself at least once a day.  And seeing as this whole scene is highly entertaining I must admit that I don't necessarily try to avoid it (you know you wish you had this much entertainment every evening).

No pics of this one people.

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Diana said...

LOL... LOL....LOL.... LOL.....

They all are so funny! What memories are being made! :-)