November 09, 2011

What a difference ten days makes!

About ten days ago this was our Saturday fun:

And this was the weekend work on that same day:
Three truck loads later we were ready for winter to come in a month...or about today?

I got the older three kids up early from their rest time today to go play in this:

I love the absolute thrill on their faces with every first snow...

T even went and drew candy canes and made snow angels, but do you notice how everyone of them decided they needed a bit more clothing???

And the snow was so wet that Z had his very own snowman made in about ten minutes

And since it was blowing at least twenty degrees outside I was especially surprised that they all lasted about an hour. 
But then what else was I to do except put them by our wonderful crackling fire (thanks to a local gentleman for the wood and my own hard-working guys) with some good hot chocolate.

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Diana said...

Great pictures! Thanks! Good job on the snowman Z and T I liked seeing you making a snow angel! I bet that hot chocolate was yummy!

It was fun to see how much you have grown since last fall when you played in the leaves. :-) S even got in the picture this year. Z you are a big help to your dad loading that wood.

All of the children are good workers, a credit to their parents.