September 27, 2010

Name Above All Names

By Ryan

Quite an experience this morning at breakfast. We finished eating and began our Bible lesson. The study is names and the meaning behind names. Specifically we looked at the name of each of the kids and their meanings and then delved into Jesus and the meaning. Today after review we were to read John 3:16. I asked Z to look up the passage in the Bible, which he did, and then read it for us. How wonderfully amazing it is to hear your child reading from the Word of God and then be able to repeat back what was read and what it meant to them! Both Z & T were able to comprehend the implications of the verse. Then, we had a talk about who didn't know about Jesus and who we could pray for to come to understand His name and what He did for them. Z immediately identified M and T immediately identified J. Then, they both bowed their head and prayed for them to know Jesus and that they would be able to help. It was a beautiful moment. One that will be cherished for a long time as we were given a glimpse into their heart as they are learning about the Name Above All Names.

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Diana said...

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. I have tears in my eyes! What a foundation you are laying for them.