October 15, 2010

Growing Up

T has reached an age where she wants to make decisions about her hair that go beyond what clips she wants in that day.  I asked her to ponder this for a few weeks since she has only had hair down to her waist as long as she can remember.  But she was determined.  I could tell she was nervous when she saw a ten inch strand hit the floor.  And she was very confused when I said I was going to give her layers. 

However, afterwards she nearly floated on air and couldn't wait to show dad!!  T said she wanted it long enough to do pigtails, but otherwise as short as possible.  Now her hair is very bouncy and lively on her: it perfectly suits her.  She now reminds us of a dear college friend: "Huffy", who could also brighten any room with her joy and bouncy short pigtails just as T now does.


Diana said...

T you look sooo cute! :-)

Your Aunt Tina has had her hair long and short most of her life, so the good things is that it will grow out again if you want it long again.

Love, Grandma

R and H, she does remind me of Huffy too just from the photo.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Did you donate that beautiful long hair to locks of love? It just needs to be clean and in a ponytail, and at least 10 inches at the longest point. All three of my girls have donated in the past. Great Clips will even cut your hair for FREE if you are donating--AND they will mail it in for you!


Jessica-MomForHim said...

LOVE the cute haircut, by the way! :-)