October 14, 2010

A Milestone

Ryan and I have had a long standing joke for about five years now.  Whenever one of our kids surprise us by something they have accomplished 'ahead of schedule' we look at each other and say, very snobby like, "they're sooo advanced".  It is our way of laughing at how our world has set timelines on when children should reach certain milestones and how parents fret about their children stacking up.  We haven't really said this much about S because it just isn't ironic enough to be funny...

S has now gone from this a week ago:

To this:

Here she goes.  I have already had to save her digestion system from construction paper and pencils.  It is not quite full-fledged crawling yet, but she covers ground quickly.  She's not even 6 months!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Goooo S, just watch where you are going!!!! ha ha!

I saw the "red" in her eyebrows in other photos, but the bottom two pictures really show her red hair the best! :-)

It sounds like she is going to need her brothers and sisters to keep her safe!

She is" sooo advanced"! HA! :-) I predict that she will be taking her 1st step by 9 months! Gooo S!