November 04, 2010


Ryan's birthday was a bit ago and we had a nice time with family.  I know, I know...what in the world am I doing writing a post about 'curls' and Ryan?  He wouldn't have a curly hair on his head even if he stuck his finger in a light socket.  No need to worry, his birthday is simply the context and seeing as he is not a huge fan of parties I will make this post about something other than his day.

It happens that his birthday landed on a Sunday this year.  It also happens to be that a few days prior to this Sunday I had made a purchase for the older girls.   Recently I recalled, fondly, how I used foam curlers to curl my hair overnight when I was younger.   The girls have started to ask me to curl their hair on Sunday mornings and I usually don't have time, no check that, I absolutely have no time before church for extra activities. I actually do my make-up in the car most Sundays (mascara and round-abouts do not go together well, just in case you were wondering).  So, I thought these curlers were a great idea.

We tried the curlers and I learned a few things.  T's hair doesn't need much assistance curling.  She gave Shirley Temple quite a 'run for her curls'.  I actually tried to mellow her hair out a bit in the morning. Larger curlers for her next time.  And J's hair is a bit of the opposite, although that is probably due to its very long length.  I will use some product on her hair next time.  Either way, they both seemed to walk on bouncy clouds all day.  It is fun to be able to lead two little girls through some of the joys of being feminine, even if it is not entirely my bent.  Which is probably one reason why God gave them to me.  But I usual.  So, here are the results of our first attempt.

If nothing else, this is a great excuse to post some new photos that turned out cute.  No, we did not plan for them all to wear red; it just turned out that way.

Don't miss M's tongue in this one!  This is a very appropriate pic for him: anything he can throw in his hands and a goofy look to top it off...just a normal moment for this guy.

Doesn't Z just look thrilled with all of this girly stuff...."can I go help Dad now?"

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lauren & aaron said...

Heather...I am so glad that you guys found me. I occasionally look at Greg's facebook to see if you guys are on there. As of yet I have not found you...Congrats on the 5 lil ones. That is a bunch. But I know that each of them is a joy all by themselves.
Well, Lauren and I got married in 08 and Micah was born this year. She is amazing. Life is good. We are in San Diego (North County) and Lauren is currently teaching high school english and I am currently Mr. Mom until I find a new pastoral position...
Life is good and we cant complain. I hope that you guys are great. Hope to hear from you.