November 03, 2010

Having guts!

By: Heather
My, are we glad we moved (sorry, California, no regrets here)! Wisconsin's people have guts and we are proud of it! But before I sound too overly excited, don't get me wrong. I tend to be somewhat cynical about new elections.  I really don't consider myself a supporter of any politician until they have shown who they are under pressure.

But we can celebrate, temporarily, for Wisconsin voters had the nerve to switch the parties which held our governor's office, state senate, state assembly, U.S. Senator, and many congressional seats.  And some of the margins over an incumbent were 10%!.  I believe it takes guts to vote for someone new.  In this day of media elites we are taught, over and over, that politicians must have a loaded resume of experience or else we might be somehow seriously injured by our government. 

Those taking office in January had better be on notice.  I do sometimes feel sorry for someone like Senator elect Ron Johnson (who is a complete newcomer to politics).  Does he really know how hard it will be to resist the lobbyists and numerous backroom deals that are pushed on legislators up on Capitol Hill?  But that is what he was elected to do.  To have backbone, intelligence, integrity, and do what is best for the state of WI.  If he gets comfortable or bends some...he will have to watch out, or he might just end up a flash in the pan.

Forget Washington for now, (I will become optimistic once they make Obama veto at least a few things!) our own state houses have a LOT to do.  Businesses and jobs have been fleeing our state nearly as fast as CA. The newcomers to Madison had better make a bold name for themselves because the people of this state showed that they do not have the stomach for big talkers or those that simply walk the party line.

In closing, here is my very serious first request: Seeing as how we are the dairy state and all: Can we, please, finally legalize the sale of raw milk once and for all, people?

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