November 15, 2010


A quick 'thank you Lord' update: our camera is working!!!
Now on to the post...

By the grace of God Ryan and I have been given quite a few children with a large amount of responsibility.  It really helps temper the insanity in our home at times. 

Z likes to be very helpful, even to the point of doing too much.  He is sometimes up doing his school work before I am even awake in the morning; Ryan works 2nd shift so we adults are up unusually late and Z is a morning person. 

T would keep every closet, drawer, and cabinet in alphabetical order, lined up by color and dusted if I let her.  You should see her dresser drawers! I don't let her do this all over the house because she would be driving her siblings nuts by moving all of their things constantly (it has happened many times).  T showers herself, vacuums part of the house, does the dishes, etc....mostly of her own accord. 

It really is kind of ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining; I just know that it is not normal.  But then again they do have two first born, A-type parents. Poor kids can't hardly help it.

Now I think we may have a new up and coming responsible person.  This evening I called that dinner was ready.  The older ones washed their hands and came to the table.  I called for M specifically and told him it was time to climb into his booster.  I knew he was hungry.  He toddled toward me, went around me, turned the corner and very determinedly headed toward the hall. 

This may sound like defiance, but there was something about how he carried his wobbly stoutness that made me raise a questioning eyebrow and quietly watch him.  He continued quickly without a look back to S's pitch black room.  M walked right up to the changing table, opened the cabinet door, pulled out a cloth, closed the door, and headed back my way.  When he got in the light he looked down at what was in his hand (a crib sheet), turned around, and went back to the changing table to repeat the process.  This time he came out, passed by me, and went back to the living room with a burp rag in hand and proceeded to clean up S's spit up that I was completely unaware of.  He calmly handed me the rag and went to his booster. I got a really good laugh out of this all the while trying to tell him 'thank you' in some sort of composed way.

Are you serious?  This kid is only 22 months old!!! I'll take it.

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Diana said...

Thanks for the Praise report. We are rejoicing with you. :-)

Heather, you are a wonderful mother to be able to see your children's strong points and guide them, where it is needed. As they get older they will be even more responsible and you will * sigh* and see how all your patience and love paid off!

I don't know how you had the patience to watch M do his thing with S without saying anything and then thank him in a "sort of composed way!!!" I was chuckling out loud before I even got to the end of the sentence.

Blessing to all of you,