November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Favorite

Around our home cranberries are a huge favorite.  Ryan enjoys homemade cranberry sauce all year long.  Thus, when cranberries go on sale this time of year our kitchen is full of the little red berries.  The additional ingredient in our cranberry sauce recipe is from my grandma and the optional flavoring is my touch.

For each 12 oz bag of cranberries:
Boil 1 C water mixed with 1 C sugar
Once boiling, add washed berries (I go through them to throw out any bad ones)
Stir over medium high heat until most berries are popped.
Add 1 1/2 Tbs Tapioca and stir for a few more minutes on the stove.  Optional: Add some grated orange peel (About 1/2 tsp per recipe)

Now can or seal in container and refrigerate for 12 or more hours before serving.  I usually cook between 4-6 bags at a time because it fits well in a large pot.  Four bags will yield about 3 quart jars.

Enjoy!  The girls even enjoyed eating them raw...this astounded me.  Have you ever tried one raw?  They are TART.

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Diana said...

Love the pictures.

I'm with you Heather, they are tart! :-) But I guess if they like them "fresh" it might be better for them! HA!

What memories you are making.