December 07, 2010

From the mouth of Z

Last night as we finished dinner Z asked if he could have his candy cane, which the kids received from a Live Nativity we attended this past weekend.  I said 'sure', remembering how every Christmas this goes the same way with him.  He unwrapped it and suddenly I heard this very loud and horrified, "YUCK! I don't like how that tastes AT ALL!"  I am snickering as he seems to be jumping around the living room trying to get the taste out of his mouth when he hollers in a very disturbed tone , "Oh that is AWFUL; it tastes like Grandma's yucky toothpaste!"

1 comment:

Diana said...

HA HA HA! hee hee hee! So funny! Grandpa N does not like peppermint either! :-)

[So what kind of toothpaste does he like?]