December 01, 2010

The Thanksgiving Diet

I trust you had a pleasant Thanksgiving.  We discovered a new way to not gain any weight during this least temporarily.

First, on Wednesday when you are making room in the frig for Thursday's food, which you are making ahead of time, decide to keep some of your leftovers around for Wednesday's dinner.  Even though they are a bit borderline on how long they have been in there for, it will save you money and time, so go for it.  Proceed to finish those off on Wednesday night. 

Now on Wednesday night mom will spend all night with the stomach flu of the likes which she has not had in years...

Thus on Thanksgiving morning with a fever of 100 and exhaustion of catastrophic proportions the family will decide to stay home.  But by noon mom will feel possibly up to going so put her in her cozy PJ pants, hand her a pillow, and all climb in the car.  Twenty minutes down the road she will say that there is no way she will make it in a car for another forty-five minutes so make that U-turn.

As you all re-enter your home with bummed-out kids one of these children will suddenly look ill and say that their stomach hurts.  You send them to the bathroom just in time!  Oh, boy...and you thought only mom was in for it.  Two hours later that same child is back at it. 

Pass out lunch to healthy family members and put the kids down for nap.  As one rises from nap and walks toward you in the kitchen they suddenly join the spewing club.  And have an encore presentation an hour later. Now the basket of rags is staying out on the kitchen counter and Dad has started his second load of laundry for the day.  Mom continues to try to stay awake on the couch with a fever and severe aching.

Thanksgiving evening brings two more episodes courtesy of two different children.  Now the couch is missing two cushions, due to them needing to be cleaned, and the carpet is getting the life scrubbed out of it.  Laundry load #4 is in!

The kids lay around pathetically until 6:30pm at which time Mom deems it bedtime.  They all crash into bed without hardly a peep.

That was our Thanksgiving!! Hope yours was a little less exciting.

I am very thankful Ryan was home for this illness as I would not have made it on my own.  I am thankful we all were feeling well enough to continue our holiday tradition of going to cut down our Christmas tree and decorate on Friday.  I am also thankful for the five pounds I don't miss!


Diana said...

Oh my, [I seem to be saying that a lot lately]. So sorry you all got sick. Hope all are well and ready to enjoy the next holiday!

I would vote for just eating less next year and not gaining any weight! Worked for me this year. Yes, it was good that Ryan was there to help you.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Sounds like our Easter last year. At least it happened on a holiday so our hubby's could help out-- not the way we plan to spend a holiday, but a blessing nonetheless!