January 10, 2011

M is 2!

In the last week our little M officially entered his twos.  What a special guy he is! Maybe every large family has an M in it somewhere, but we never saw one quite like him coming.  M truly blesses our family daily. 

From the beginning he and Ryan were connected like none before.  He would fall asleep with Ryan anywhere, anytime.  They interacted with ease.  Little did we know that there was a reason they got along so well!

There is easy going, really easy going and then there is M easy going! He will sit in his booster and wait for his meal for twenty minutes or more without a peep.  So, he's really hungry, you say?  Well, he then plods through his meal for twenty minutes beyond how long everyone else does.  And when mom takes a brief trip to another room while he finishes up she comes back in to find him nowhere and his plate gone. As mom is calling for M and looking for a guilty looking dog, he comes walking into the kitchen very nonchalantly.  When asked where his plate is he opens the dishwasher and pulls out his plate from the upper rack, shows it to mom, and puts it back and closes the dishwasher! 

M sits on our lap in church or during our small group and hardly makes a peep.  We know that most outsiders think he is a shy, nervous and passive child.  But we cherish that he is so very outgoing, carefree, goofy, and interactive with those he knows and trusts well. 

Of all our children he shows some of the best social skills.  He understands he can be rough and wild with Z, but needs to be calm and patient with S.  He knows when to be loud and when to be quiet.  M understands giving and receiving apologies. And he loves to play.  His favorite words are 'tickle', 'peek-a-boo', 'ball', and 'car'.  

Opening gifts scared him.  But he loves shooting his nerf gun with serious gusto.  Candles on a cake terrified him.  But he will sword fight with his brother and take blows like a brush on the cheek.  He won't go near a burning fire.  But throws a  baseball almost as far as Z.  He loves his bath, goes and gets his own diapers and wipes.  He sits still for haircuts and lays down and goes to sleep when we tell him to. 

Seriously, where did God find this mold???? I say, God found a lot of it in Ryan and a tad in my dad (who is quite a bit like Ryan).  We are very blessed by M and I adore that he is so much like his dad!

Happy Birthday M!

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Diana said...

Happy Birthday M.

What a special tribute to a special little guy. Can’t wait to get to know him again this summer.

[He has special parents too!]