January 10, 2011

T is on a roll!

Heard recently from our four year old going on thirteen:

At the lunch table the kids are discussing the possibility of their Aunt possibly coming to visit.
T, with very furrowed brows and a 'get on with it' tone: "Why doesn't Aunt Tina just go and find a boy and get married already?"
(And no, we do not tell our children anything about their aunt's personal life!)

In the bathtub, while playing with J and some squirtable sea creatures:
T: Mom, do you know what seahorses do?
Mom: No, T, what do they do?
T (very matter of fact like) : They go into the sea and walk around.

Again at the lunch table, this time while Ryan is getting ready for work:
T: I really hope Dad took clothes into the bathroom for after his shower.
Mom: T, why do you say that?
T (very dramatically): Because otherwise we will all have to see him with only his towel on and then, OHHH, I don't want that!
(For the record, Ryan does take his clothes with him (and won't be forgetting any time soon)! )

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