March 31, 2011

What's Cooking?

I received an email recently asking about what was happening in our kitchen since these posts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

I have not been trying many new recipes in an effort to simplify our evenings and in hopes of trimming the grocery budget.  We have found a way of saving some money, but it lacks variety.  No we are not eating rice and beans everyday.  And no, I am not going to post about it all here, today.  I need to gather recipes and don't have the time right now.  You will just have to come back again soon...

However, there are two new recipes which have become VERY popular in our house which I will write about today.

One is Turkey Sausage and Black Bean Soup. 

Yes, I do know it is nearly April. 

But seeing as how we are still up to our knees in snow and the heater is crying out for a break (as is the checkbook) you are getting a soup recipe.  Those of you who experience seasons other than winter can log this one away for November.

This soup is yummy, simple and versatile.  We double the recipe for our family.  I have used at least three different kinds of link sausage in it and they are all good (no, I did not use any breakfast sausage)!  I have also tried a few different kinds of salsa and as long as they aren't HOT, the soup is great for the whole family.  We really enjoy topping this soup with cilantro, cheese, and avocado.  Click on over to Kingdom First Mom to see the recipe.  It is excellent.

The other is Super Chocolaty Cake.  I am warning you!  Don't check this out if you struggle with chocolate addiction!  Let me say it again: Warning!

This 'cake' is unlike anything else I have ever made in under ten minutes.  There are very few ingredients, it is super easy, and absolutely delicious! 

I will make this on evenings when Ryan and I are going to watch a movie and enjoy a 'date night' at home.  I make the cake and put it in the oven while he begins the kid's bedtime routine.  Then I join them upstairs, help put the kids in bed, and we have a special dessert ready a few minutes later. If you want to add this one to your recipes check out Joely Thinks.  Joely is the daughter of Joy from Five J's, a homeschool mom with a very helpful blog.

Happy Cooking!
I am off to make Peppy Pizza Pasta....from Urban Homemaker, open the PDF at the bottom for the recipe.


Diana said...

It all sounds good! :-)

One question about the dessert - there is no butter in the recipe, does this mean that one should grease the pan even though nothing is said about it?

Ryan & Heather said...

There is no butter in the recipe and I do not grease the dish. It is a very gooey cake and, thus, does not stick.

Diana said...

Okay thanks!