March 29, 2011

On her feet!

It's been about a month since I knew she could.  But as Ryan would say, she just hadn't "decided to" yet. She is actually a bit more cautious than I would have predicted.  Thank God for knowing how to balance her personality out just right!

S is much more content now that she has moved her wheels to her feet. Grudgingly, we did give in and put locks on our kitchen cabinets.  We aren't too keen on baby proofing and much more inclined to teach.  However, her speed, determination, and being the fifth (read: busy mom) was not a good combination for my sanity and breakables.  I think we will be teaching a bit more on less fragile items, first.

She has discovered her brother's toys, as well.  And, how she does fly with that truck (just as long as she doesn't turn)!  Maybe they make a pink one...M is not too fond of her new occupation.

And seeing as how this is a S update, of sorts, I might as well add that she went to her doctor for the first time a couple of weeks ago and measured up just as we thought she would: average on weight (19.5 lbs) and at the very top of her 'class' for height (30 in). Her hair appears to be gaining some curl and she is beginning to resemble T's one year old pictures quite a bit, and just in time for her first birthday next month. 


Diana said...

She is so cute! Thanks for the pictures. Poor M he is surrounded! lol. May God give him peace and an abundance of grace.

The Musacchio Project said...

So Kaydance is pretty much on the same page as your lil one. I too do not baby proof a ton. But I will say there are times all I wish we had was baby gates galore. Especially first thing in the morning before my first cup of coffee.