May 18, 2011

Precious Time and Late Easter

I have been very absent here on this blog, but for good reason (at least I think so). 

My ninety year old grandparents from across the country came for a three week visit to our neck of the woods. 

I grew up with these grandparents as an integral part of my life.  I was used to them being at every birthday and holiday, sporting event, musical presentation, etc.  My grandma taught me how to make pies, tutored me in some sewing, and introduced me to making rolls all from a very young age.  And I have been told many times how much like her I am and I am very grateful for the comparison.

My grandma is one of those people who has had at least four or five little ones named after her (including our T).  She values her family above all others and takes any in-laws in immediately. She is never idle (until being forced to more recently) and many enjoy the fruits of her labors.   I hope to follow her example...

But now we live very far away and it grieves Ryan and I how little we see of them.

So our family has spent as much time as possible with these dear family members the last few weeks.  Our kids read to them, they read to the children, Z learned card games with them, T and J did puzzles with my grandma, M loved hearing great-grandpa read, and S enjoyed and entertained them. 

I learned some fantastic ways to improve my sewing from grandma and we cooked together.  Ryan and Grandpa worked on the bunk beds he is making for the boys.  And Ryan and I relaxed many evenings while playing pitch (a great strategy card game) with them.

I hope there are many more enjoyable years for my grandparents here on this earth, but no matter what we certainly treasured the last few weeks and hope our kids remember them as well.

Seeing as I have been so absent Easter pictures are still not up and S did turn one nearly a month ago.  For now, I hope you enjoy these Easter pics and you may anticipate a S birthday posting very soon.

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Diana said...

Heather, I'm glad you got to spend some good time with your Grandparents. They are the best. I hope you were able to get some pictures of the children with them, because that for me is what keeps them alive in my mind.

I'm glad you and they were able to make some memories.

I look foreword to other pictures but am really surprised that you got these two lovely pictures of most of the children. I would think with the cool weather you have been having this year, they would be wearing coats but I guess when it has been cold and it turns out to be in the 40's that feels warm. Love the girls dresses.